The world of ever after high part 2 was showed on Thursday 25th July 2013


It was the second day and yet Apple tryed to fit in with Madeline, her class and roommate and Brair kept adviced her to fit in but it did not work because at the lunchroom Apple was sitting with Blondelocks and Brair when Madeline and Raven Queen came and had a food fight that involed the whole school but Madeline and Apple got sent to the headmaster for beginning the school food fight and the headmaster, Mr. Grimm told Apple off after hearing Madeline's story and Madeline got off being in trouble and made Apple be expelled from the school for a week and her mother was not happy when she heard so after a week the mum, Snow White and Apple White and Mad Hatter (Madeline's Dad) and  Sindy Hatter, (Madeline's mum) and Madeline were sent into school and talked for ages.

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