The Royals and Rebels watch with spellbinding anticipation to see if Raven Queen will flip the script and question her destiny at this year's Legacy Day. Will she follow in her evil mother's footsteps, or will she write her own Once Upon a Time?


Raven Queen is ready to pledge her destiny on Legacy Day, but thenarrators decide that the story is better started at the beginning of the school year.

Raven Queen and Madeline Hatter are making their way through the Enchanted Forest and the Village of Book Endto Ever After High. The narrators start bickering, which prompts Madeline to scold them and tell them to stop. Since only Madeline can hear the narrators, Raven asks her who she's talking to. Madeline tells her that she was talking to the narrators, which Raven dismisses. She vents to Madeline how she hates that everyone assumes she's evil because of her mom. Madeline attempts to comfort Raven by saying that everyone loves her, but is quickly disproved when they enter the school and everyone runs and screams at the very sight of Raven. This doesn't seem to faze Madeline, who still insists that everyone loves Raven, but quickly goes off on another tangent when she announces that it's tea time and pulls an entire tea set (consisting of chairs, a table, her pet mouse, Earl Grey) out of her hat. Again, Raven dismisses her behavior and smiles.

Later, Raven sits alone at a lunch table alone when Dexter Charming goes up to her, nearly saying that she's 'gorgeous,' but switches to 'gort' instead. Raven sarcastically says she would offer him a seat but she's "evil." Raven says that he'd have to be "pretty...daring" to sit next to her, but cuts off as Daring Charming and Apple White step onto the scene. All the students are cheering for them, to which Dexter shows annoyance and clears it up that Daring is his brother. The four greet each other and Daring warns them not to stare at his teeth because he just got them whitened. The bell rings so Apple asks Raven what her next class is. Raven says that it is History of Evil Spells. Apple says that's good for her when Cerise comes in with her lunch tray. Daring greets her and smiles, blinding her, and making her drop her tray. Cerise growls but stops and fake-coughs, saying she has a cold, and runs off. One of the three pigs cheers, "Free food!" at her dropped tray and gobbles it down.

After school Raven goes to her dorm, where she is once again greeted by Apple. She explains she's rooming with Madeline this year, but Apple reveals that she set her up to be her roommate. She took it upon herself to decorate Raven's side of the room with very evil looking furniture, and wants to be nice to Raven since she's the reason she becomes queen. Raven isn't as enthusiastic as Apple about this, and tells a bird on the windowsill that it's going to be a long year.

At Legacy Day rehearsal, Headmaster Grimm explains the pledges to the students. Raven tries to ask a question but Grimm ignores her. Maddie says that she will become the next Mad Hatter, Hunter says he will become the next huntsman but leaves to catch his pet, Pesky, when he makes fun of him, and Cedar promises to be the next Pinocchio. Finally it is Raven's turn, but she is unable to make her pledge. She asks Grimm what would happen if she doesn't want to make her pledge, shocking everyone. Grimm tells her that her fairytale would cease to exist. Raven then leaves, shocking everyone once again.

Under the schoolGiles Grimm is watching everything through a magic mirror and wonders what will happen next. The male narrator ends the tale there and he and the female narrator get into another argument.

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