Kitty Cheshire

Kitty Cheshire is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat, the character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland



Like her father, Kitty has a penchant for mischief.


Kitty has lavender hair pulled into curly twintails, sleek blue eyes and fair skin. She wears maroon lipstick and has pointy blue nails. She also has cat-like pupils for her eyes.

Fairy taleEditEdit

Main article: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland



Her father is the Cheshire Cat.


Based on a scene from "The World of Ever After High", she appears to be friends with Lizzie Hearts. Meanwhile,Madeline Hatter is her roommate, so she likely gets along with her too.



Kitty wears a white shirt with a purple damask pattern and black sleeves, and a tan fur collar fastened with blue ribbon. She wears a purple poofy skirt over lavender leggings with purple stripes similar to the Cheshire Cat's markings. Her shoes are white and lavender wedge heels, and she wears a hat resembling the Cheshire Cat on her head.  [1]===Legacy DayEdit=== For her pledge, Kitty wears a lavender dress, decorated with polkadots and purple fur trimming along the sleeves and collar. She also wears a black, lace patterned cat ear headband with a small black bow on one of the ears along with a netted veil.

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