Hunter Huntsman

Hunter Huntsman is the son of the Huntsman, a common kind of supporting character in fairy tales.


 [hide] *1 Character



Hunter is a little boastful, and easily annoyed and distracted.


Hunter has tan skin, hazel eyes, and brown hair. The right side of his head is shaven, while the hair on the left side hangs just over his ear. He wears a green sweater, a dark brown vest, khaki pants, and brown combat boots.


[1]===FamilyEdit=== The Huntsman is Hunter's father. However, it is currently unknown which Huntsman, whether it be the Huntsman from Little Red Riding Hood or the Huntsman from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


It appears the squirrel named Pesky is Hunter's pet.


Hunter is the boyfriend of Ashlynn Ella, a Royal. They keep their relationship a secret.

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