She may be the new girl at Ever After High, but C.A. Cupid could teach a class in helping people find love. Lucky for Hopper, she may have arrived just in time to help him find his Happily Ever After.


C.A. Cupid travels through her mirror to Ever After High, another school in need of her matchmaking expertise. As soon as she arrives, she sees many potential relationships and works her magic, giving them a push in the right direction. Then she is approached by Hopper Croakington II in frog form, who eloquently asks for some advice. C.A. turns him into a prince so she can communicate with him better, but as soon as he’s a human, he blurts out a bad pickup line and turns back into a frog. He explains to C.A. Cupid that Briar Beauty makes him nervous…which is what triggers his transformation to frog form.

She asks him to describe how Briar makes him feel. As a frog, Hopper has poetic skill and grace, so C.A. records his confessions on her mirrorpad. Later, Briar meets Hopper on a balcony after being told she would meet a secret admirer. She lists off the reasons she is not interested in him while he nervously glances over the railing, where Cupid is hiding. Cupid then plays his recording from earlier while Hopper lip synchs. Briar is impressed and asks if he has any more poetry.

Meanwhile, Dexter has greeted Cupid from the courtyard below. She gets very distracted because she has a crush on him. Hopper looks to Cupid for help, but she loses her balance, falling into Dexter’s arms. Hopper looks back at Briar, who is eagerly waiting, but when he starts to tell her how hot she is, she pushes him away. He turns into a frog to Briar’s further disgust.

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