Cerise Hood

Cerise Hood is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood. [1]


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Not much is known about Cerise at the moment, but there are hints that she may have more in common with the Big Bad Wolf than Little Red Riding Hood herself...


Cerise has long dark brown hair with several white streaks, predominately on the left side, peach skin, and grey eyes. Her makeup and outfits consist of darker colours along with red, and never without her mother's famous red hood.

Fairy taleEditEdit

Main article: Little Red Riding Hood



Cerise appears to be somewhat reserved in her contact with others due to her secret. Nonetheless, Raven Queenrefers to her as a friend, and Daring Charming is familiar enough to greet her by name.



Cerise wears a small red hood like her mother held together with chains, a plaid top with a brown belt and a side chain. She also has black lace skirt with black leggings and brown boots just above her ankles.

Legacy DayEditEdit

[2]For her pledge, Cerise wears a red turtle neck dress, along with her signature hood trimmed with white fur.

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