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Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood

About Edit

Cedar Wood is the daughter of Pinocchio, the protagonist and antagonist of The Adventures of Pinocchio.



Cedar is shy and a bit talkative. She currently only tells the truth, but she expects to learn to lie eventually, although this makes her confused about her destiny.


Cedar has dark brown hair, dark skin and hazel eyes. Her body seems to be wooden.



Cedar is the daughter of Pinocchio.


Madeline Hatter counts Cedar as a best friend



She wears a purple, orange, and white frilly dress. Her accessories include gold jewelry, orange open-toed wedges, and knee-high white socks with orange ribbons. [1]===Legacy DayEdit=== For her pledge, Cedar wears a purple frilled dress, coloured with orange and purple stripes. She accessorises with a sparkly grey belt. She also wears purple ribbons as bracelets, and a small purple hat with a pink feather.

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