C.A Cupid

C.A. Cupid is the adoptive daughter of Eros, the god of love in Greek mythology. She originates from the Monster High franchise and previously attended Monster High.


C.A. is kind and helpful in matters of love. She's also very much career-driven.


C.A. Cupid has white skin, shoulder-length pink hair, pink dress, gray stockings, golden shoes, sky blue eyes, and white feathered wings.


[1]Cupid joined the world of Monster High in Late 2011 and was involved in a few stories up until Early 2013. On December 19, 2012, as part of the new year events of Monster High, Cupid's entry of the Boo Year's Eve Countdown Calendar was released. The entry's exact words are "I want to continue to help others navigate the thrills and chills of love in 2013--not just at Monster High but around the world. By branching out, I scream of learning more about myself! Where do you want to go in 2013?" On April 23, 2013, this was followed up by an announcement of C.A. during On the Air with C.A. Cupid that she would be "starting a new chapter in an enchanting place where [she] can help others follow their true heart's desires. The radio show is going on break while [she packs her] stuff and [gets ready for her] clawesome new adventure."

In Monster High, C.A. is an elemental, most likely a bone one. This is why she's white with charred-looking hands and feet and ribcage wings. In Ever After High, C.A. looks different. Her hands and feet are no longer black and her wings are feathered. While it is unlikely that Ever After High will revise her history, there are changes to her that haven't been and can't readily be explained yet.



C.A. Cupid was left on the doorstep of Eros's temple as a baby. Why her biological parents did this, provided they were the ones to do it, and who they were is unknown. C.A. was adopted by Eros, the god of love in Greek mythology, but better known by his Roman name, Cupid. He taught her the family business and gave her wings. In her diary she mentions that she has step-siblings.[1]


Cupid has no pet because she can't choose one.[1]


It is shown in "Here Comes Cupid" that C.A. has a crush on Dexter Charming.

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